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We are interested in your views of how money is managed in your household, what your concerns are about money for the future, what you think of government policy on money, and any views that you might have about anything that you read on our website.
Dinah  - Survey can be done by singles and couples!   |14-11-2009
Thanks, to Doreen Taylor for this comment. The survey can in fact be done by anybody of any marital/ relationship status. However, the research project funding this website is primarily concerned with older couples and their management of money - simply because not everything can be covered in one project, not because we're not interested in single people! So, whatever your marital or relationship status, please do fill in the survey.

Many thanks, Dinah (project researcher)
Doreen Taylor  - why   |14-11-2009
Why is this survey only for couples. Surely the experiences of single people is also valid
Debbie Price  - The Web Survey   |04-10-2009
Thanks to Marie McWilliams for this comment. As the project principal investigator, we have discussed this issue back and forth on the project, and I have written about it on the 'Our Views' page (the item headed 'Web Survey'). We understand fully that the people who access the web are a very select group but we are still interested in their views. Within the project we are using a number of methods to access much wider views, including speaking to over 60 people in focus groups, 135 interviews with 90 people, and analysing a very large nationally representative survey. We think that the web survey will add valuable information for us, albeit from a select group of people, and hope that despite these very important drawbacks, many people will still complete the survey for us. If you have any suggestions for making the web survey easier to fill in, please let us know.
Marie McWilliams  - Survey results   |01-10-2009
I'm a bit concerned that you are unlikely to get "typical" results when your householdmoney survey is only available to respond to online. Although many older people have internet access the majority do not and would not know where to begin to complete such a survey. The results therefore are unlikely to be typical of older people's experience of money management.
Vicki   |21-08-2009
Thank you for this very helpful website.
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