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All the information that you give us is anonymous. Filling in the questionnaire is completely optional, but by giving us this information over the web you are also giving us permission to use, store and publish your responses for research and educational purposes only. We will post anonymous summaries of people’s responses on our web pages from time to time. We do not ask for any identifying information from you, and we have no way of identifying you.  We are very interested in what you have to say about these issues, and we hope that by guaranteeing that your answers are anonymous and confidential you will free to tell us what you really think.


If you do not want to answer a particular question, or it does not apply to you, please leave it blank and click on 'Next' to go on to the next one. When you are asked to ‘Type In' your answer, please write as much or as little as you like.

Please click on 'CONTINUE' to proceed.  When you do this, you are giving us permission to use the answers that you provide in our research and reports.  .