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Thursday, 31 July 2008 08:42
We are approaching this research in five different ways.

The first is that we conducted ten focus groups accross London with older men and women.  They spoke to us about how they organised and managed money in their households, whether they used cash or credit or debit cards and how they felt about this, what they saw as the differences between men and women, what had influenced them in how they thought of and handled money over thier lifetimes, and what their current concerns were about money. 

The second is that wehave conducted in-depth interviews with 45 older couples, building on the information that we discovered in these focus groups.  These were conducted privately with our researchers, and the partners in each couple were interviewed together and separately.  We asked people to look across their lives from the time when they were young until the present, and to explain to us how they have dealt with and handled money in the past and present.  We also asked them how they came to organise money the way that they do in their households, how they manage on their income, and what their concerns are for the future.

The third way that we are gathering information about these issues is through our web survey, which we hope that you will complete, and also send to anyone you know who is over 65 (whether single or in a couple) and ask them to complete it too.  If you would like to add any comments about any of these issues, please also do add them to the 'Your Views' section of this website.

The fourth is that we have analysed a major government survey, the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, in order to produce some statistical evidence about couples and their money.

Finally we have examined government policies on various aspects of household money, such as savings, debt and pensions, in order to see to what extent government policies are relevant to the lives of older people in Britain today.


In this section of the website, which is called "ABOUT" because it tells you about the project, you can learn more about WHO is conducting this research, HOW the research is being conducted, WHY  we are conducting this research, and what our AIMS are in conducting this research.  You can either click on these highlighted words to find out more, or click on the orange tabs above the title.  

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