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The World Wide Web contains a great deal of information and advice that is relevant to the lives of older people, but it can be difficult to know how to reach the web pages that might be able to help you.  We have grouped together many useful sources of information for you under the headings below.  

To find out more under any topic, please click on one of the buttons.  You can come back to this page by clicking on the links that say "Return to Useful Information Home Page".  Or, you can use the tabs in purple above the title on this page to move from one page to another, and clicking on the 'Useful Information' tab will get you back to this page.

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Disclaimer: The list is not intended to be comprehensive and additional sites can be located by using a recognised Search Engine.
We do not necessarily endorse the web links provided and users should guard against accessing web sites that may merely be advertising their own products or providing advice that is not objective.